4 Bedroom Family Holiday Villas with Private Garden & Pool in Didim

1Throw down your bags and enjoy your holidays with plenty of space to relax in these brand new detached family villas on the edge of town.  Each two story, four bed/four bath villa comes with a full kitchen equipped with complete modern fittings, separate laundry room, second and third floor balconies, and a ceramic-tiled open plan living room with french doors letting out onto a private stone patio and personal pool.

25Enjoy cool cross breezes and shaded picture windows designed to let in the light and keep out the heat. Upstairs bedrooms feature full windows looking over the patio and pool below and long horizontal windows to let in the ocean breeze. Attached bathrooms are done in the “Hilton Style” with luxury shower cabinets and high grade cupboards.

The complex is located not far from the center of Didim, enough out of town that there’s plenty of space for children to play outside, close enough for quick trips or a casual dinner.  Public and Private beaches, the new Didim Marina, and plenty of historical highlights are also close at hand.  For those who prefer to spend their vacations relaxing at home, the outdoor patio is paved and ready for patio furniture (which is easily found in downtown Didim) to host pool parties and weekend BBQs.

Though the residence is located in a low-crime neighborhood, your security is double-assured with installed outdoor spotlights and steel outer doors.

Specs: £152,000; 4 BA + 4 BR, 240 M2, detached home with private patio and pool, brand new residence

For more information please see our listing here, or contact Onur Arik at info@milanestateagents.com


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