Why Didim?

Milan Real Estate Agents’ Main office is located in Didim.  We also sell properties in nearby 01a2e802ef3616bb13e4bfd89854035498b2613ae5Kusadasi and Bodrum.  Why have we chosen these locations?

Didim is a small town on the Turkish Aegean/Mediterranean coast in the Aydin region. Since the 1980’s the town has been a popular vacation destination for families from Turkey’s metropolises, and in recent years it has grown in popularity as an affordable retirement and vacation destination for Europeans.  The local population is 47,000, but in summer this swells to 500,000. Though the town is small, it has a lot to offer:

  • Lots of English speakers and English-friendly establishments due to established European retirement community.  Even if you don’t speak a word of Turkish, you shouldn’t have 01f7ba3764f9510c013e7a29b08e53a926b0fd5076trouble getting around with most menus and signs in English
  • Didim is a lively small town with the amenities of a big city: There are hundreds of restaurants and cafes featuring cuisine from all over the world, bars and boardwalks, and both local and international supermarkets.  Just outside of town are old stone villages where you can stop for a cup of coffee, peruse an art gallery, or buy fresh green figs.
  • Have both modern and ancient worlds at your doorstep: Live in a modern apartment complex with full security and amenities; enjoy international eateries and shopping; take an afternoon jaunt over to ancient Greek and Roman ruins0143fb589c2920d12a895ba39b46573b22e3a650e9
  • Multiple public beaches on the Aegean sea Enjoy the sun and the sea right off of Didim’s bustling boardwalk – or in a quiet secluded cove just minutes from the center of town.
  • A brand-new $50 Million harbor Park your boat, take some sailing lessons, or hop on a half-day yacht cruise to Rhodes Island or down the Aegean Coast.
  • Laid-back lifestyle:  have a late breakfast by the beach, spend your afternoon swimming on the shore and your evening strolling the boardwalk
  • The Food: Dining in Didim is inexpensive and authentic.  Eat locally-sourced organic 016c96a8e714d77e3a479fc341148c13d30401a438Turkish food, indulge in traditional Turkish desserts, buy fresh olives from the street, or head for international options like Chinese, Italian, Pizza Hut and McDonalds.
  • Clean and Quiet: Most tourists and vacationers are family groups or retirees.  Didim has an extensive offering of restaurants and bars along the boardwalk, but the town doesn’t attract the wild partiers that can be found on other lengths of Turkey’s coast.
  • Good weather year-round with 300 days of sunshine, and temperatures rarely dipping
    below 60.
  • Accessible Medical Care.  In addition to the local hospital, Didim is forty minutes by car from the Soke International Hospital, which offers decent rates for up-to-date medical care.
  • Affordability: Didim is one of the most affordable towns on the Mediterranean coast, and yet it’s a short drive from luxury resorts at Bodrum and the city of Izmir.
  • Great weekend trips! Nearby destinations include: 013e2bcd8b4ef58b9f6d91531b946130cd661fa2ed
    • Rhodes Island, Greece (daily ferries from nearby Kusadasi)
    • Efes, known in the bible as Ephesus, and the nearby port city of Kusadasi. 
    • Izmir/Smyrna, an ancient city with Greek roots is three hours by car
    • Bodrum, located ninety minutes down the coast, is known as the “Saint Tropez of Turkey” with its luxury shops, hotels and restaurants, vibrant night life, and lively bars and cafes filling the pedestrian-only old town.

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